Call for Session Proposals | “The Practical Planner: Planning for Achievable Results”

AL-APA would like to issue a call for Speaker/Presentation Proposals for the MS/ALAPA conference.

The theme of the conference this year is “The Practical Planner: Planning for Achievable Results.” We’d call on you to share your stories and experiences that illustrate how planning practitioners are using practical, rational methods and strategies to tackle challenges in communities across our two states. We desire to have a variety of sessions covering innovative, yet actionable plans and policy development programs. We would love to have sessions include case studies where such efforts have led to specific, tangible results in improving communities.

Topics can include updating and modernizing approaches to zoning and land use; dealing with transportation challenges; supporting diverse housing development; improving access to health and recreation resources; defining and implementing sustainable practices and policies; and improving transportation systems and access, among many others. We are seeking interesting, informative, and engaging session proposals that attendees will find valuable and compelling. We welcome submittals from private firms, municipal entities, and educational institutions.

Interested in leading a session at this year’s conference? Click here for more details and submit your proposal by August 19th!