Senior Transportation Planner | Birmingham, AL


RPCGB is looking for a planning professional to fill the position of Sr Transportation Planner and will work in the Planning Department. The planning department is staff for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which develops regional and community-based plans, oversees the requirement to be a direct recipient of FTA 5310, manages other federal funding programs and manages the rural planning organization.

Tasks & Responsibilities:
• Assisting RPCGB/Birmingham Metropolitan Planning Organization staff in data collection, mapping and written documents for items such as the Regional Transportation Plan, the Transportation Improvement Program, the Regional Active Transportation Plan, and the Congestion Management Program
• Oversee the development of the Unified Planning Work Program and the annual reporting requirements
• Manage multiple FTA grants, including the Area of Persistent Poverty (AOPP) and Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) grants
• Expand partnerships with Alabama Universities
• Manage the UAB TRIP lab that performs outreach activities to educate young drivers on distracted driving
• Manage all the requirements and reporting as an FTA 5310 Designated Recipient
• Program the FTA 5310 funds
• Assist with the Heart of Alabama Rural Planning Organization
• Manage grants and reports in TRAMS
• Tracking Title VI reporting
• Communicate effectively and clearly with project staff, clients, and stakeholders throughout the planning process in order to manage relations and keep project participants informed and engaged.

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate will possess a wide range of analytical and interpersonal skills and demonstrate the following:
• Excellent written and verbal skills
• Work successfully with members of the public, Alabama Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration
• Prepare reports
• Perform technical analysis and manage studies
• Make presentations

A Bachelor’s Degree in City/Urban Planning. Equivalent experience will be considered if a bachelor’s degree in Business, English or related fields.

Candidates should have at least 3-5 years of experience acquired through employment in the planning domain. Extensive knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Experience coordinating with local, state and federal agencies. Experience in an MPO or transit agency is highly desirable.

Additionally, candidates should be able to communicate using advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) skills and have project management experience. The ideal candidate will need to understand the procurement process when using federal funds. Finally, the ideal candidate will understand the principles of regional transportation planning, travel demand models, active transportation planning (bike/ped planning), access management, and congestion management.

Position can be filled at higher level depending on experience and education.

There is flexibility regarding remote versus in-person work schedule and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Salary & Benefits

Salary range: $77,000 – $110,000

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume (email preferred) to:

Human Resource Director
Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham
Two 20th Street North
Suite 1200
Birmingham, AL 35203


Position open until filled, however, the window will be closed by 12/31/2023.