Community Planner | Perry, GA


The Community Planner position requires professional level duties in the planning field. This position is responsible for the review of plans and development proposals, creation and presentation of reports, field inspections and assessments, interpreting and applying a variety of codes and ordinances, assists with updates and maintenance of the Comprehensive plan, identifies issues and suggests solutions achieved through community planning, promotes economic and community development, develops project budgets and administers the bidding process, serves as a liaison to the Planning Commission and similar boards, and develops or coordinates regional plans and planning efforts.

Job Requirements

Knowledge of the principles and practices of planning, the practices of research and data collection, written and oral communication techniques, ability to review plans and apply provisions of ordinances and codes to determine compliance, knowledge of computer hardware and software programs – including GIS.

Preferred: Knowledge of one or more in-depth specialties such as economic development, transportation planning, affordable housing or historic preservation; experience in community remediation and redevelopment, and relevant programs; knowledge and experience in construction projects, group facilitation skills for use with community workshops. 

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Salary & Benefits

$48,500-$75,000 – Community Planner I
$53,400-$82,500 – Community Planner II
$60,900-$94,100 – Senior Community Planner

How to Apply