RFP | City of Northport 2022 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Northport’s Comprehensive Plan update will be a city-wide document that incorporates existing studies and plans, addressing infrastructure, transportation, housing, and land use. This long-term vision for Northport will set the direction for the city’s growth and development in the coming decades. The city’s last comprehensive plan update was in 2006, where a city-wide future land use plan was developed.

This document is necessary, as many smaller, area plans have been conducted over the years, but a comprehensive, city-wide approach has not been taken.

Respondents should have broad experience in conditions assessment, planning, land use plans, urban design, infrastructure, transportation, housing studies and plans, citizen and stakeholder involvement, and implementation.

Proposal are due by 5:00 pm (CST) on September 2, 2022.

Please visit cityofnorthport.org or email planning @cityofnorthport.org for more information.