Planner – Auburn, AL


Auburn, AL



Interprets and applies the City’s zoning ordinance, including landscaping and signage regulations, subdivision regulations, historic design guidelines, City Code, the comprehensive plan, annexation policy, and addressing policy. (40%)

  • Provides guidance for development proposals prior to submission.
  • Provides information to the public regarding development and planning issues.
  • Reviews and processes subdivision plats and subdivision waiver applications for compliance with subdivision regulations.
  • Reviews and processes annexations to ensure compliance with the annexation policy, state code and City of Auburn Comprehensive Plan.
  • Reviews and processes variances, rezoning, conditional use, waivers, and site plan applications for compliance with the zoning ordinance.
  • Creates staff reports and maps for the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission, City Council and Development Review Team.
  • Reviews alterations to properties in the historic district to ensure compliance with design guidelines, architectural standards, and state regulations.
  • Provides technical analysis for the Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Coordinates development review. (15%)

  • Prepares and issues zoning certificates for new businesses, changes in use, and new residential development.
  • Researches and verifies zoning compliance for existing uses and creates zoning verification letters.
  • Processes recorded subdivision plats for recording.
  • Reviews signage plans and renderings for compliance with the zoning ordinance.
  • Reviews landscaping plans and buffer yards for compliance with the zoning ordinance.
  • Coordinates with other City departments on projects under review by the Planning Commission, Planning Department, Historic Preservation Commission or Board of Adjustment.
  • Maintains the City of Auburn Certified Local Government status, including preparing the annual report.

Performs zoning ordinance enforcement duties. (15%)

  • Receives and investigates citizen complaints regarding zoning violations, including  sign regulations, landscaping requirements, and unrelated occupancy.
  • Performs on-site inspections for zoning violations and landscape inspections.
  • Notifies property owners and businesses of violations and the need for compliance by telephone, certified mail or in person.
  • Prepares and serves citations to violators for appearance in Municipal Court.
  • Prepares search warrants documents for unrelated occupancy complaints.
  • Executes search warrants with Auburn Police Division assistance.
  • Removes signs located within the public right-of-way and on utility poles.
  • Performs follow-up inspections to ensure that compliance has been achieved.

Assists with long-range planning initiatives. (15%)

  • Performs research, data collection, trend analysis, graphic design, report preparation and public outreach duties.
  • Participates or assists in meetings with stakeholders, study committees, and other government agencies.
  • Assists with drafting long-range planning documents.
  • Assists with implementation by recommending planning and development related ordinances, programs, policies, and plans relative to current and long range plans.
  • Monitors and reviews trends in city, county and regional planning issues; researches and interprets laws, regulations, and general information.
  • Analyzes spatial relationships to determine local trends in planning and development.

 Creates digital content utilizing multiple technologies. (10%)

  • Updates related models and databases, including the 3D model of downtown Auburn, the Auburn Interactive Growth Model, and the Commercial Sign and Landscaping database.
  • Researches and creates reports, presentations and maps for meetings.
  • Creates and maintains street naming and addressing for the City and the e911 Master Street Address Guide, including coordinating additions and corrections of addresses with local and state governments, private entities, and Auburn University.
  • Maintains planning-related data to include addresses, land use, zoning, apartment, subdivision and mobile home data.
  • Prepares a variety of custom illustrations, maps, and graphic designs utilizing Adobe Create Suites, ArcGIS, and photography.

Performs related duties. (5%)

  • Attends meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions; reviews publications and audio-visual materials to become and remain current on the principles, practices and developments in assigned work areas.
  • Demonstrates punctual, regular and reliable attendance.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of City boards and commissions as assigned.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge of the City of Auburn Zoning Ordinance.
  • Knowledge of City of Auburn subdivision regulations.
  • Knowledge of general planning theory and practice.
  • Knowledge of the Alabama State Code as related to municipal governments.
  • Knowledge of platting, surveying, and cartography principles.
  • Knowledge of computers and job-related software programs.
  • Knowledge of City of Auburn policies, procedures and rules.
  • Skill in the utilization of GIS technologies in problem-solving.
  • Skill in the use of Microsoft Office applications including Excel and Access.
  • Skill in design software, including Adobe Acrobat and Google Sketch-Up.
  • Skill in the interpretation of various codes and ordinances.
  • Skill in the manipulation of GIS data.
  • Skill in operating standard office equipment.
  • Skill in performing basic mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages.
  • Skill in the development of plans, schedules and budgets.
  • Skill in the analysis and evaluation of pertinent planning data.
  • Skill in decision making and problem solving.
  • Skill in interpersonal relations and in dealing with the public.
  • Skill in oral and written communication, including the use of both technical and non-technical language.
  • Skill in preparing and presenting reliable and accurate reports.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others.

$3,997.40 to $4,773.10/month


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