• Senior Planner

    The City of Madison, AL is seeking a Senior Planner.

  • Strong Towns Workshop

    The Strong Towns Workshop covers Strong Towns Thinking, the predicament of funding, the finance of places, and understanding transportation and mobility.

  • Strong Towns: Curbside Chat

    The Curbside Chat program covers the causes and impacts of the current economic crisis, examines case studies on the finances of America’s development pattern, reviews ideas of the suburban era we need to shed and proposes strategies for adjusting to the new realities we face.

  • Meeting Management

    Summary What you will learn: You’ll get samples of effective commission and board by-laws and learn what they should minimally contain. You’ll learn appropriate rules of procedures, how to keep your meeting flowing and well-organized in a way that gives your meeting that stamp of professionalism. We’ll discuss recording and documenting meeting activities. You’ll learn some practical   …Continue Reading

  • Basic Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

    Summary Your zoning ordinance is arguably the most important device you have to implement your comprehensive plan. It provides you with the means to define the type and intensity of uses permitted on any piece of property. Your city’s subdivision regulations govern the manner in which vacant land is platted into streets, blocks, and lots   …Continue Reading