Senior Planner – CARPDC (Montgomery, AL)


Senior Planner – Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (Montgomery, AL)


Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the Senior Planner is responsible for the coordination and management of the Agency’s community planning and economic development projects.  Prepares project proposals and manages funded projects in accordance with applicable guidelines.  Provides technical assistance to member governments.  Conducts studies and prepares reports on a variety of planning and public administration subjects.  Coordinate project development, makes project assignments, monitors work progress and provides performance feedback and training to planners.  Performs other related duties as required.

  1. Planning.   Coordinates with government officials to assess community and economic development needs and to develop projects.  Analyzes and compiles statistical and survey data to use in developing project proposals and grant applications.  Collects data from reference materials and publications, governmental agencies, businesses, surveys and field experts for use in developing project proposals and in completing grant applications.  Collects and researches information on a variety of planning related issues.  Analyzes statistical data and compiles in useable formats.  Develops planning proposals to include project budgets.  Conducts public hearings to obtain citizen input in the planning process.  Prepares planning documents and coordinates graphic preparation and report reproduction.    Provides technical assistance to member governments for whom planning documents have been written, in the implementation and administration of said documents.  Attends council, planning commission and county commission meetings as needed.  Establishes and maintains project files.  Prepares project closeout documents, if applicable.
  2. Grants.  Collects information from a variety of reference materials and publications, governmental agencies, businesses, surveys and field experts.   Prepares and reviews grant applications for submission to such funding agencies as the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Farmers Home Administration, Economic Development Administration, State Forestry Commission and Alabama Historical Commission.  Prepares scope of work and budget in the development of project proposals and applications.  Conducts citizen participation hearings.  Manages funded grant projects in accordance with established program rules, guidelines and procedures.  Prepares environmental assessments.  Establishes and maintains project files.  Assists grantees with satisfying project start-up requirements, procuring professional and other contractual services, acquiring parcels, easements or rights-of-way, monitoring construction activities, and ensuring compliance with program financial requirements.  Prepares and submits project closeout documents.
  3. Technical Assistance.  Provides member governments with assistance on a variety of subjects pertaining to public administration and planning related projects such as budgeting and land use regulations.  Researches and analyzes a variety of data and compiles in useable formats.  Acquires, reviews, and maintains technical information from relevant agencies to aid in planning and development.    Meets with appropriate individuals and groups during the different aspects of a project as necessary.  Attends local government meetings.  Provides assistance with map procurement and preparation and map file maintenance.
  4. Supervision.  Assigns community and economic development projects to planners.  Acquaints new planners with office procedures in the administration of projects.  Monitors planners’ performance during and upon completion of projects.  Provides feedback and training to planners during and upon completion of projects.
  5. Professional Development and Training.  Attends seminars, conferences and workshops relating to assigned projects.  Reviews publications and reports to keep abreast of programs pertinent to the Agency.
  1. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.  Strong Knowledge of public administration practices and governmental activities.  Strong knowledge of comprehensive planning, planning commissions (Zoning Ordinances and Sub-division Regulations), economic development and community development processes.  Strong knowledge of contracts and grants to include funding sources, proposal development, administration and evaluation.  Working knowledge of fiscal accounting procedures.  Working knowledge of computer applications including but not limited to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Additionally, some familiarity with GIS applications is preferred.  Budgeting skills to analyze numerical data using basic quantitative methods and to develop project budgets.  Writing skills to compose business letters, planning reports and grant proposals.  Verbal communication skills to speak before small groups, to explain project proposals, and to convey project findings and recommendations.  Reading skills to identify and comprehend pertinent information; to understand instructions, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures.  Organizational skills to develop project proposals and to satisfy project record-keeping requirements.   Management skills to effectively implement grant projects. Ability to research a subject thoroughly.  Ability to work concurrently on several projects in various stages of completion.  Ability to supervise support staff and junior level planners.
  2. Physical Characteristics.  See well enough to read fine print and numbers without error or transposition and to drive safely.  Hear well enough to talk on the telephone and to answer questions.  Speak loudly and clearly enough to be understood.  Use of hands and fingers to write and to use a keyboard and calculator.  Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
  3. Credentials and Experience.  Graduation from a Masters Program with a degree in public administration, planning or related field and five years experience in planning and economic development; or equivalent education and experience.  Experience in writing grant proposals and/or contract administration.  Experience in fiscal procedures as it relates to project budget control and implementation.
  4. Special Requirements.  Possess valid Alabama driver’s license.  Willing to use personal vehicle for travel.  Willing to travel out of town/state and locally as needed.  Most attend nightly meetings.  Willing to comply with the following dress standard:  clean, neat and businesslike attire.

Salary Range:            Based on Job Experience and Knowledge.
FLSA Status:              Exempt


Send resume with cover letter to:  Executive Director, CARPDC, 430 South Court Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.


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